Many people want a perfectly decorated home for Christmas, but on time limitations and a budget. Luckily, we have composed a list of 10, that’s right 10, quick and easy hacks to make your home wonderfully festive this Christmas. Not only this, but we will be giving you advice on how to achieve these hacks No5a style.

1. Flowers in the Christmas tree
A simple and perhaps obvious hack is to put oversized faux flowers in the tree. This will make the tree look fuller, and more decorative, adding in more colour or tones. Furthermore, once Christmas is over and you are done with the tree, you have some gorgeous faux flowers to put in a vase and decorate your home with all year round.

Get the No5a look: Our favourite flowers to achieve this look are our stunning foam pink and white faux roses. They have a subtly pearly sheen on the petals which have the ability to catch the light wherever it may be.

2. Fireplace hacks
There is nothing that looks more Christmassy than a large fireplace decorated with garlands and candles. However, more and more homes are opting out of having open log fires due to fire hazards. So, what else can we use to achieve that warm glow with minimal risk of fire? Well we have a few ideas. One simple idea is the addition of logs, with orange and gold baubles placed and tied to the logs to create a festive, warm glow around the fire. However, more popularly done is a wide and shallow dish/tray with several different size pillar candles sitting on it, surrounded by small pebbles. This creates a lovely warm glow and achieves actual fire with less risk of embers.

Get the No5a look: We have a stunning range of different scented candles in glasses that would make great additions to the selection of candles for display. We also have an expansive range of trays, bowls and candle dishes for you to achieve this look. We also have a range of gorgeous lanterns that can be used in a fireplace too. Just pop in and ask one of our advisors to help you.

3. Baubles/lights in bowls and jars
Another simple and quick hack is by getting a bowl or jar, preferably glass and putting baubles in it. This in itself is a subtle, yet festive decoration to add to the home. However, to get that extra bit of Christmas sparkle another thing you can do is add some LED battery powered lights/fairy lights.

Get the No5a look: We have a huge range of glass jars, bon bon jars, ginger jars and more. We even have some with a colourful sheen across them, capturing every colour of the rainbow when the light hits them. We also have a range of bowls and highly decorative fairy lights too.

4. Beads draped everywhere
This is another simple hack due to its versatile nature. They can be draped to look like they are pouring out of vases with flowers, or cascading out of ginger jars. The limits to this are endless. They can even be messily scared on table surfaces, looping in between bowls, candles and vases.

Get the No5a look: Our gorgeous ginger jars look wonderful with the rose gold Christmas beads falling out of them. This achieves a subtle, yet show-stopping, boutique-look for the home.

5. Wreath as table centre piece
Big family Christmases usually call for big dining tables, and a big dining table calls for a big, festive, show-stopping centre piece. One way that you can achieve this is by placing a wreath in the middle of the table and then putting a vase or a big candle in the middle. This is such an easy way to give your table settings the wow-factor without having to go over the top.

Get the No5a look: In-store we have small wreaths perfect for place settings and for more subtle and smaller centre pieces. Their natural colours give it versatility, yet it still carries a Christmas sparkle.

6. Icicles/droplets on branches
Frost and ice is beautiful as it makes everything shine and glisten like we are contained in part of a scene on a Christmas card. However beautiful it is, it bites; with the ability to turn noses red and make fingertips numb. This particular natural beauty of the winter season can be brought into the home – without the red noses and numb fingertips! This can be done by decorating trees, branches and plants with icicle and droplet ornaments.

Get the No5a look: In stock we have the most beautiful droplets which can be hung on trees, plants and branches easily. Their geometric shape really captures the ‘ice’ look, and gives the impression of water being frozen in motion. They create a stunning spectacle of colour when the light hits them and shines through them.

7. Fairy lights everywhere
The winter nights are long and dull, but lights have the ability to brighten these long nights up. The addition of fairy lights over fireplaces, in bowls, trees, garlands, walls, bedframes, drawers and units brighten up any space with the ability to also give it that festive vibe. If the fairy lights are not overtly Christmassy, then it would even be acceptable to keep them up after the 12 days of Christmas, to beat the dull January blues.

Get the No5a look: We have a selection of fairy lights and feature lights for around the home that can achieve this kind of look. Why don’t you pop into our showroom and ask one of our advisors to speak to you about our ranges and help you with some inspiration.

8. Baubles hung from the ceilings or lights
An increasingly popular little hack this year which we have seen in many wonderful homes, is hanging baubles from the ceiling, but most commonly, from ceiling lights with ribbon. This is a subtle look which can be tailored to be traditional or modern.

Get the No5a look: We have a selection of huge statement baubles that are battery powered to display a small string of lights inside. This is ideal for hanging baubles from the ceiling. We recommend that you attach rope or string of some sort first, in which to hang these baubles from.

9. Christmas Accessories
The smallest little additions can be all it takes to give your home that Christmas edge. This can be achieved through the addition of festive themed cushions, candle holders, ornaments and throws.

Get the No5a look: Visit our showroom to see all the beautiful little Christmas additions you can make to your home. We have small trees, elves, Christmas tree and snowflake candle holders, sparkly reindeer cushions, Christmas signs, quirky reindeer and fairy ornaments, furry throws and many more to give your home that subtle, yet powerful Christmas edge.

10. Scattered baubles
If you have a bauble or two spare after decorating the Christmas tree(s) then don’t let them go to waste! Baubles carefully placed or strategically scattered across worktop and surfaces, framing all the items sitting on top can be a lovely Christmassy addition. Perhaps it can be a bit of a faff until you get it just right but the rewards are brilliant.

Get the No5a look: Try this out with our items in our showroom to see how nice this looks for yourself! We have some stunning light up baubles that can make a statement in doing so. We also have loads of jars to put baubles in as well. To really achieve the messy look or random nature of this style, it might be a good idea to have jars with baubles inside them and make it look like some stray baubles have perhaps escaped or the jars have just overflowed with Christmas baubles.


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