This March, the Egger board design of the month is the stunning Pebble Grey (U201 ST9). We have noticed a huge influx in the sales of pale grey units, furniture and décor in the home. A lot of stone and pale tonal colours are appearing more and more in homes and we can see why. Not only do their pale colours cheer up and open up interior spaces but they are so versatile and mere accessories can completely transform the entire look of your home. Great for keeping up with the fast-moving trends!


The Pebble Grey is completed in an ST9 finish. This bolsters its appeal as it gives the board a feel which is smooth to the touch with a naturally matte appearance. This product is hardwearing and is suitable to be used to decorate and structure kitchens and bathrooms as well as all other interior spaces. Egger’s Pebble Grey make for stunning kitchen units, tables and breakfast bars and so on. This type of board is usually seen most commonly teamed with modern furnishing solutions but can be teamed with an array of traditional furnishings for a more rustic look.


Pictured above are colours and tones such as deep greys, traditional oaks and stylish concretes, all of which Egger suggests will complement this particular Pebble Grey colour. However, we suggest that with this colour you can team it with white, cream and cashmere tones too and maybe accessorising the room with plants for a pop of green colour, which will be in keeping with its natural tones. However, with a colour as versatile as Egger’s Grey Pebble board with its hint of warmth, the sky is the limit! We believe that with a colour like this in your home, your interior possibilities are endless.


Pictured above is an example of how gorgeous this colour looks in a kitchen setting. These Pebble Grey coloured units are bright and therefore they really open out the surrounding space. The subtle greenery from the plants only accentuates the overall appeal of this colour in the kitchen as they are in keeping with the natural tone that it so proudly displays.


The ash tone of the Pebble Grey colour will also be very beautiful in the home for the upcoming spring, and could be easily teamed with stunning spring-like pastel colours. As previously identified, this is a very popular colour/tone to have in the home, and we can only see its popularity growing and growing.



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