We are very pleased to announce that as of next week (Monday 25th of May) we will be opening our doors to the general public again. However it will NOT be business as usual. In order to keep our staff and customers safe we have had to implement strict social distancing measures which means we will have to operate on an appointment only basis.

On arrival and throughout your visit we will ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are kept at all times.

Other measures we have put in place is to make sure a two metre distance is kept between customers and employees at all times.

We will make sure that customers have access to sanitation as well as having access to being able to wash hands and use our toilet facilities.

We will make sure that every surface and product is cleaned and wiped down after use. This means that we may have to leave some time between appointments to give us the chance to clean up and prepare for the next customer.

Furthermore you can pay by card, contactless payment, bank transfer or online to minimise contact.

We ask that you call us on 0141 643 1492, email us at info@no5ainteriors.co.uk or contact us via social media to make your appointment. Please try to give us plenty of notice if you wish to cancel your appointment, however you can cancel at anytime. Booking a shopping appointment with us does not mean that you are obligated to buy with us on your visit or visits in the future.

We are also offering a click and collect option on items. If you have purchased online, contact us to make arrangements to pick it up, but make sure to do this before items have left our warehouse for shipment.

Please do not book an appointment or come to our showroom if you, a member or your household or someone you have been in contact with has a persistent cough. Please do not come to our showroom if you or anyone you have been in contact with is suspected of having or having had the Coronavirus.

We are putting every measure we can into place to give you a shopping experience whilst keeping you safe. All we ask in return is that you take every precaution to keep our staff, other customers and yourself safe.


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