Take this quiz to find out what accent chair best captures your personality. You can choose more than one answer for each of the questions. Don’t forget to take note of your letters!

This is just a little bit of fun, let’s see what you score!


  1. How would you describe your style?

A) Modern

B) Colourful

C) Alternative

D) Traditional


2. How would you describe yourself?

A) Stylish

B) Cheerful

C) Eccentric

D) Organised


3. What would make a good Saturday night out?

A) Trendy bar

B) Mini-golf

C) Escape room

D) Dinner


4. What would make a good Saturday night in?

A) Face-masks and cocktails

B) Mindful colouring

C) Trivial Pursuit with friends

D) TV with the family


5. What do you tend to eat a lot of at home?

A) Take-away food

B) Healthy, lots of greens

C) Meat dishes

D) Home-made always


6. What’s your fashion motto?

A) Hurts to be beautiful

B) No such thing as ‘too bright’

C) Smart will never go our of fashion

D) Style can also be comfortable


7. What kind of student were you at school?

A) Spoke a lot in class

B) Everyone’s best pal

C) Mature for your age

D) Straight A student


8. What kind of a host are you?

A) Attention to details

B) Laid-back

C) Always make sure guests glasses are full

D) Attentive to guests


9. What kind of dinner parties do you (or would you) throw?

A) Themed parties

B)  See where the night takes us

C) Games/quizzes with drinks after dinner

D) Dinner and good conversation


10. What is your ‘neat-freak’ trait?

A) No one sits on the brand new furniture – not even me

B) Colourful sweets and biscuits carefully placed in bon-bon jars are not for eating

C) No finger-prints on glass

D) Always use coasters


11. What is your favourite home colour-scheme?

A) Pastel colours

B) Bright, vibrant colours

C) Pattern to break up block colours

D) Grey and white – it’s versatile!


12. Which of the following pets would you have?

A) A French Bulldog

B) Tropical Fish

C) A Border Collie

D) A Russian Blue Cat


13. What are your spending habits like?

A) If it is in style I’ll get it – cost is an after-thought

B) Good at finding great bargains

C) Will splurge on occasion

D) Good at saving, will buy timeless classics


14. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

A) Popular Instagram accounts and magazines

B) Whatever mood I am in or whatever mood the item gives me

C) Whatever is unique and suits me

D) Mrs Hinch


15. What is your favourite flower?

A) Peony

B) Daffodil

C) Bird of Paradise

D) Hydrangea


Now tally up your scores and see what chair best suits you! Is it accurate? Why don’t you share your score on social media with the hashtag #LoveNo5a


If you scored mostly A’s, then this stunning blush pink chair is the one for you. You clearly have a passion for interiors and an eye for style. You are the one many of your friends come to for style advice. This chair is modern and bang on trend. A fine piece to have in a modern home – and luckily it is cost efficient! This chair is really popular with many of our customers at the moment.

If you scored mostly B’s, then this is the chair for you. It matches your bright, bubbly and free-spirited personality. Bright colours cheer you up and this chair will do just that. It is velvet and comfortable, bright and friendly. It also comes with a gorgeous matching quilted cushion which matches the quilted sides of this chair. This detail is subtle yet effective. You love a splash of colour but when it comes to detail you know that less is more.

If you scored mostly C’s then this gorgeous accent chair is the one for you! You have a taste for refined items, you love travel, adventures and to be physically/mentally challenged. This chair is sophisticated, unique and it is classy. It is bold and it makes a statement. It will be the focal point of any room. Although it is a bold piece, it will remain a timeless classic as it combines both the modern and the traditional. Both stylish and elegant.

If you scored mostly D’s, then this timeless and elegant chair is the one for you! You are family orientated and love your home comforts. Your home is oozing with style, but you like to keep it minimalistic. You like timeless classics that will stand the test of time. This chair is no different. It takes a traditional form with its shape and button-back. It is modest as it is not too big, and it is versatile as it is grey. Grey goes with everything, and if you ever get bored, you know that all it will take to transform the look is a colourful or decorative cushion.