In the modern world, social media is becoming an important aspect of our social lives; being able to share stories and memories with all your friends and family. And now it is becoming important for businesses too. We now need to be available and present on an array of social media platforms. Our No5a Interiors were very much engrossed in the Facebook world, but we hadn’t really invested much into Instagram. After stumbling across many gorgeous interior pages we decided to finally adjust and re-vamp our account. Since entering into the world of Instagram interiors we have fallen in love with this social media platform.

Here are 4 reasons why we think it’s so great from an independant business’s perspective:

The inspiration
Sneaking peaks on other Instagram pages inspires our ranges, and our displays. Not to mention our own homes! It is so rewarding following other people’s interior journeys, and gaining ideas for home renovations that we can even suggest to our customers. Some of these pages look like a lot of money have been invested into a team of interior designers, but these homes have been renovated by the home owners themselves. Furthermore a lot of these home pages somehow make it look like their home is huge, but many of them are 2 or 3 bedroom new builds. This gives us all hope that no matter how big or small a home, you can make it show-stopping.

Getting creative
As Instagram is all image based, it is with utmost importance to get those perfect shots that will attract the attention of other pages and potential customers. This is certainly the most fun part about the interior Instagram world. It gives us the opportunity to get creative; make up and compose little displays. Using the inspiration of what’s popular on other pages. Then comes the cropping and editing which is an art in itself, trying to maximise the beauty of the image.

It’s a great way to showcase our items and reach out to customers. It is like having an online portfolio that we, and customers, can use as a point of reference. And at the same time, it’s like a very interactive folio with likes and customer comments. Some people do like to know what is received well or not by other customers and this form of ‘online folio’ certainly has that facility. Recently when we were at the shows looking to add to our range, we were able to do a two day active vote on the Instagram story where customers were able to tell us what they liked or not.

The support
Possibly the best thing about the Instagram world of interiors is the amount of support and kindness you receive from other pages. On this social media platform everyone is trying to evolve their accounts and grow their audiences. In many respects it can make Instagram a very competitive place. However, in the world of interiors all accounts seem to help and support each other. We have received visits, shout-outs, kind comments and many likes from other pages that all share the same passion for interiors. Joining the interior world of Instagram, in many respects, is like joining an elite club. Not to mention the great giveaway’s many profiles do! A lot of the feedback on our Instagram page seems to be positive and constructive, so we love Instagram as a media platform.

We would love it if you could give us a follow on our Instagram page @no5a_interiors. And we love to hear from our customers so please message us and let us know what you like or what we can alter/do better. Please get involved in our votes as well because this helps us as a small business. It is an easy and accessible form of market research so the more people we have taking part, the better.


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