We are very pleased to announce that as of next week (Monday 25th of May) we will be opening our doors to the general public again. However it will NOT be business as usual. In order to keep our staff and customers safe we have had to implement strict social distancing measures which means we will have to operate on an appointment only basis.

On arrival and throughout your visit we will ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are kept at all times.

Other measures we have put in place is to make sure a two metre distance is kept between customers and employees at all times.

We will make sure that customers have access to sanitation as well as having access to being able to wash hands and use our toilet facilities.

We will make sure that every surface and product is cleaned and wiped down after use. This means that we may have to leave some time between appointments to give us the chance to clean up and prepare for the next customer.

Furthermore you can pay by card, contactless payment, bank transfer or online to minimise contact.

We ask that you call us on 0141 643 1492, email us at info@no5ainteriors.co.uk or contact us via social media to make your appointment. Please try to give us plenty of notice if you wish to cancel your appointment, however you can cancel at anytime. Booking a shopping appointment with us does not mean that you are obligated to buy with us on your visit or visits in the future.

We are also offering a click and collect option on items. If you have purchased online, contact us to make arrangements to pick it up, but make sure to do this before items have left our warehouse for shipment.

Please do not book an appointment or come to our showroom if you, a member or your household or someone you have been in contact with has a persistent cough. Please do not come to our showroom if you or anyone you have been in contact with is suspected of having or having had the Coronavirus.

We are putting every measure we can into place to give you a shopping experience whilst keeping you safe. All we ask in return is that you take every precaution to keep our staff, other customers and yourself safe.


No5a x

In the world of interiors, there are so many ideas and much inspiration about. However the dark side of this is that it can make many of us feel a little inadequate. On Instagram we can be in awe at these beautiful and immaculate homes, with cream carpets and white walls. And it is easy to wonder how these homes manage to look like this when there are young children and animals living in the home. Well, many popular home interiors accounts admit to some of their posts being smoke on mirrors. It is unrealistic to think that in a busy family and working life that the home will look perfect all the time, and many interior bloggers and instagrammers acknowledge this.

So we have created a blog with our top tips on faking it ’til you make it and making your home photograph-ready for the ‘gram!

Set your scene

When taking a picture in your home you need to first decide what you want to take a picture of and then set your scene. Sometimes creating different content and scenes will involve moving things around which can create mess. Make sure to tidy the area, which can sometimes mean scraping mess to one side so that it is out of the way of the camera shot. A little thing that we do in our showroom when setting a small accessories scene is to change the background by using boards or getting a colleague to hold up a throw. Keeping it simple is appealing to the eye, and it hides any mess.

Camera Angles

Most accounts will tell you that their home shots are all about the camera angle. The important thing to remember is when looking at a photograph, you are only seeing what is in the shot and not necessarily the mess that may be present on the other side of the camera. So once you know what you want to take a picture of, practice many different camera angles and takes loads of pictures for you to go through later and select the best one! Be careful of reflections which may display mess in the background.

Filters and Edit

In the world of social media it is important what filter we use. Filters can brighten up images of the home, making them look lighter, cleaner and sometimes bigger. Every home account plays about with filters and lighting to make their pictures look as inviting as possible. Sometimes a nice bright filter is all it takes to make a dull stain on a wall virtually disappear. Some accounts even use photoshop/editing facilities which are commonplace and easy to access. This can allow blurring or editing certain things out of posts.

Strategically Placed Rug

Many home accounts are very down to Earth and happily show their followers how their seemingly-perfect homes aren’t quite so. Some accounts have admitted to things such as hanging pictures, mirrors or placing ornaments to cover up stains or discolouring on walls. It is also a risky business having pale carpets and cream carpets if you want to do things like paint your nails or have a glass of red wine. A home interiors account in the US admitted to strategically placing a rug over a large, red nail polish stain on her cream carpets.

Behind Closed Doors

Do you all remember that Friends episode where Chandler found Monica’s messy cupboard? Monica known for her dislike of mess and being a cleaning and tidying fanatic, had a cupboard where a lot of clutter and mess was thrown in to – it has to go somewhere, right? Walking into the New York apartment it looks neat and tidy, but you do not know what is behind closed doors. A home interiors account from Denmark, replied to a follower who was asking how she kept her home so tidy with three kids, saying that all the cupboards you see in her pictures are crammed full of toys, and that when you open the cupboards, it is like a toy explosion. She then added a video to her Instagram story showing her perfectly neat scene and then opened drawers and did a panoramic to see the mess that was hidden from the uploaded photograph. So, sometimes mess is in the picture and has been in the picture all along, it is just hidden from the eye!

Rare Picture Opportunities

You can spend an entire day cleaning and tidying your home, yet a busy family/work-life balance can see your home getting messy again in what feels like seconds. Some accounts will spend a day cleaning and tidying, and when their house is spotless they will take several pictures of it whilst they have the rare opportunity of it being spotless, to post through the week or month, when in reality homes can be quite messy more days of the year than it is not. Many of us are guilty of posting pictures that do not reflect current realities. For example, you may post a picture of your perfectly tidy bedroom whilst sitting on a messy unmade bed covered in laundry for example.

Be Realistic and Proud

Some home accounts have been emerging where people have been posting pictures of their messy homes with pride. They put emphasis on the importance of life being about having a busy, happy family and if that means less time to tidy then so-be-it. After-all we’ve all been kids once, coming home covered in mud and trampling it into the carpet. These pages seem to set-out to help people be proud of their homes, even if it doesn’t look like most of the ‘perfect’ looking homes online. They show that you can be house-proud and have a beautiful home even if it isn’t ‘perfect’. It helps people to stop feeling bad when their homes are a little messy and they have lack of time or motivation to tidy up. The reality is that even the most beautiful homes online get messy at times too.


Every home is beautiful, even the ones more lived in than show-home spotless. In the UK we are so house-proud, but social media can sometimes make us forget that even the tidiest, most beautiful homes get untidy too. We hope this blog has been a bit of fun and helped you to not just get those great home-pictures on the ‘gram, but to see that mess and imperfections in the home are okay and all homes have them. Hopefully we have been able to provide you with tips in hiding these imperfections, how to accept them and an understanding that most popular home accounts use these tricks too. It’s all smoke on mirrors!


No5a x

With current situations, many of us may feel like we are going stir crazy or coming down with cabin fever whilst stuck at home. Many of us miss going out to the pictures, for nice meals and socialising in general. In this blog we will give you some fun, light-hearted suggestions on how you can bring the excitement of going out to your own doorstep!

Restaurant Experience

Not only is it nice to have a night off cooking but there is a certain intimacy about being in a well-lit restaurant having great conversations without any phones or distractions that might be commonplace at home. We are here to suggest ways in which you can achieve this at home! Firstly choose a dining spot. This can be done by creating a new space to dine from in the home for a change of scenery for the night or you can tidy up and decorate you usual dining area. Once you’re happy with your spot you can put on a nice table cloth and decorate with candles and fairy lights – it doesn’t have to be over the top. Once you have transformed your dining area it’s up to you whether you will cook or get a carry-out. Either way make sure to look out the good tableware, bring the wine, dress up and bring the great conversation! You could even send invites to your ‘guests’ telling them where to meet and when and the dress code. And although this is a great way of having a restaurant experience at home, you can also be creative and have a little fun with it. You could do a murder mystery or Cluedo themed dinner with your party too. If you have children living with you, perhaps they could make the invitations or menus. There’s loads of ways to not just achieve a restaurant experience but how to be creative with it and have a little fun.

Home Cinema

You don’t have to have all this fancy cinema gear to achieve a home cinema at home. All you need to do is choose your movie and prepare drinks and snacks. It helps to make sure you have a nice tidy area with lots of comfortable cushions and rugs to do this and perhaps some small snack tables dotted about. And for that added cinema experience – switch the lights off, and enforce a strict no phones and no talking rule.

Some homes have even bought projectors to really get that cinema spectacle. You can buy projectors for reasonable prices online and they give you a little more freedom to change the scenery of your cinema experiences. If you are one of those lucky owners of a home projector then here are some suggestions on how to spice things up!

  1. Make an outdoor cinema. This can be done by taking out an old plain mattress protector or bed sheet to project your movie onto. You can make the outdoor area comfortable with cushions, blankets and lanterns.
  2. Make a drive-in cinema: with the use of a projector you could use the front of the garage/garage door to project the movie onto and sit in the car to watch.
  3. Move around the house: You can change your home cinema up by moving your projector and bed sheet around to different locations in the house so you’re not getting to used to the one place.

To make your home cinema nights extra fun, you could do costumed nights where you dress as a character from the movie or you could have themed cinema nights such as french cinema, nordic noir, bollywood, nollywood etc.

Finding Adventure

What most of our lives are lacking right now, is a little bit of adventure. Although it may not quite be the same, we suggest you can find adventure in the comfort of your own home! This can be done by setting yourself and your family goals and challenges to complete. For example, who can build a tower using marshmallows and straws, that can stay standing. There are also a lot of family friendly fitness classes online you can all take to doing together. You can get the family together to learn something new like music or art or taking an interest in someone else’s hobbies.


Recently the sun has been shining and many of us have been enjoying the outdoors. Although the sunshine seems to be cheering us up a little bit amidst a pandemic, we can’t help but think about the holidays we won’t be going on. Well some of our customers, lucky enough to have a garden have attempted bringing that holiday feeling to their back gardens. And this doesn’t have to break the bank either! You can use plastic or deck chairs to sit out in the garden and you could buy a cheap paddling pool to dip your toes in. One of our customers has decorated their garden with hanging and light up flamingo decorations, beach balls, and flamingo floats and lilos to bathe on by the (paddling) pool. Another great tip to keep busy and achieve that holiday feeling could be to try and master those favourite cocktails at home. Many great restaurants and bars have released their recipes and expert advice to help us make great food and drink at home. So look those shades out, bring some magazines and headphones and prepare for some poolside vibes.

Parties and Gatherings

Socialising is an important part of being human and without it, many of us feel quite lost. Thanks to modern technology you can socialise and have a party or gathering from the comfort of your own home. Although it isn’t quite the same as the real thing, it is a pretty great compromise. With facilities to video call and apps like Skype, Zoom and House party, having social gatherings at home have never been easier, and not to mention no big tidying up operations afterwards either! With technology like this you can webcam in groups to chat and have fun. Many have created quizzes to do over video call, like a pub quiz. You can again have themed nights, or do fancy dress contests. Within the app house party, there are lots of challenges that you can take part in with your friends. Therefore there are lots of ways to have a laugh and some fun with friends without breaking any of the quarantine rules.

To Round Off

We hope you have enjoyed our little fun, light-hearted blog that suggests ways to bring the excitement of going out into your home. We understand it will never be the same as the real thing but sometimes small things like this are all it takes to make us feel little more human amidst these unusual and unprecedented circumstances. We hope we have given some of you some fresh ideas on new ways to have fun at home, and who knows, maybe some of these tips are things you can continue once things are finally back to normal!


No5a x




All of our staff are still working very hard from home to provide you with all that we can from a safe distance. We have spoken with our employees and collated a list of the No5a team’s top tips for working from home during this pandemic. If you try all of these at home we guarantee you will feel more motivated and productive!

Set Up a Workstation

Many find it difficult working from home when surrounded by distractions. Set yourself up a little desk in a quiet room in the house facing the wall. Make sure all distractions are out of reach. Make sure the door is closed to prevent little ones or furry ones venturing in. One of our employees likes to leave a sign up on the door to let his family know he is busy working or on a video call to minimise distractions. You can also have a little fun decorating your workspace with mouse mats, flowers, tumblers, etc. Make it a comfortable and pleasant place to spend your day working without distraction. Furthermore, why not bring out, or treat yourself to good stationary, as sometimes nothing motivates us more than to fill up new notebooks and use new/good stationary!

Make a schedule

The only way to gain any form of normality back into your working life is to create a schedule and stick to it. Make sure to factor in breaks. It can be difficult to remember to take breaks at home, but breaks are important. In doing this you need to stay disciplined. Perhaps you can set alarms on your phone to keep you on schedule.

Make Goals

Take 5 minutes at the start of every shift to make a to-do list. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve for the day? This will not only give you something to work towards but will also be what generates satisfaction after a shift (if completed) or further aims for the following shift (if not completed). You can even create a timescale for doing different tasks to structure your working day, and make it go quicker. This way you won’t be doing the same thing for too long. Don’t forget to cross your completed achievements off your list, as nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off those long to-do lists. One of our employees admits to completing tasks, not on the list, and then writing it on the list at the end just to cross it off!

Put your Health First

In any workplace environment it is important to be healthy and happy. Make sure to eat a balanced diet with plenty of water. But also treat yourself to those all important biscuits and sweets too! If you are prone to snacking try and keep your snacks within arms reach to save you having to leave regularly to get snacks as this can be distracting. Also, make sure to get plenty of sleep and make full use of getting your daily exercise. Many of us are taking part in fitness classes at home, which is great, however, it is also important to make sure you get fresh air. Perhaps on your breaks you could go a nice walk. One of our employees likes to wake up at 7am (when there’s not many people about) and walks her dogs, so when she arrives back home, she is feeling replenished, awake and ready to begin the working day. Always make sure to have time alone with your thoughts. Try meditating or go for a ‘Chill and Still’ (which is basically what it says on the tin). Find a quiet spot somewhere, ideally outside, stay still and chill out. You can do this for as long as you want. Only taking 5 minutes out of your day to do this can make you feel loads more motivated with a new lease of focus and awareness.

Surround Yourself with Encouragement/Positivity

Give yourself credit for the things you do even if you do not complete your list. Perhaps you could surround yourself with things that make you happy, such as pretty decorative home pieces, sentimental trinkets or photographs of good memories. One of our employees motivates herself from home by pinning up motivational quotes on her wall around her working area. Even if she is not reading them, they create a positive and encouraging atmosphere as she knows they are there spurring her on! Another of our employees has a picture of a sunny beach in Cyprus as his desktop background to keep him motivated by momentarily allowing him to escape and contemplate being in his happy place. It gives him hope and allows him to think of the time when this will all be over. I think we can all guess what his plans are once lockdown is over!

Concluding Thoughts

The whole No5a team hope you are all safe and well at this difficult time. We hope that for those who are working from home, that we were able to provide you with some food for thought on staying motivated. If you are not working from home, and are looking to stay positive and motivated we hope that something within this blog inspired you. If not, why not read our previous blog where we discuss our top 10 tips for beating isolation boredom?

To Our Customers

If any of you have tried out any of these techniques please share with us and let us know! Did you find them useful? Would you alter them in anyway? One of the sections of this blog discusses setting up your home workstations. So, please show us your set-ups! You can send them to us or tag us in them in social media. As avid interior lovers we are keen to see your home workplaces! If anyone has read this blog and have decided to create a space please share it with us, via direct message or tagging us on social media. We will do a feature with those who do. Let’s motivate one another as we’re all in this together! Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #No5aArmy


No5a x

During these uncertain times we have all been warned to stay at home to slow the spread of Covid-19, and let the NHS save lives. During all of this sudden time at home, many of us find ourselves in, we are struggling to find ways of entertaining ourselves. Many are struggling to find the motivation to work from home. If you stay tuned, we will be posting a blog next week with tips on how to keep motivated when working from home. Today we are looking at beating the boredom. I have found myself moving furniture around out of boredom and just to make my house look like a different place! So, here are our No5a top tips to beat boredom collated by our No5a colleagues.

1. Make a List/keep a diary

Are there lots of things you’ve always wanted to try, like learning how to paint, or learning how to play that guitar you bought years ago with the best intentions? Perhaps there is some work around the garden or house you’ve always wanted to finish. This quarantine has suddenly given us all the time int he world to finally get round to thinking about these kinds of things again. So one of our best tips in beating isolation boredom is to make a list of goals. Give yourself something to aim for and achieve. Furthermore, you could then keep a diary log to track your progress and review your work.

2. Make a Daily Schedule

One of the best ways to beat the boredom is to try and get into a routine in order to keep things as normal as possible whilst we are staying at home. So make a daily schedule of chores, working from home timetables or even schedule in some time to learn something new/develop a new skill/self-reflect. Don’t forget to include breaks and days off in your scheduling too!

3. Video call

As humans, we are social creatures and not being able to socialise makes many of us feel like we’re just existing and not living. Well luckily for us we live in a time of advanced technology and although we cannot hug or be with all of the ones we love and care about, they’re only a phone-call away! There are many apps now that can enable you to see and video call your loved ones, such as Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, HouseParty and more. Furthermore, many of these apps have facilities for you to play games and pub quizzes. So why don’t you have a little bit of fun and create a themed quiz night for you to enjoy with family and friends.

4. Catch Up with Old Friends

With our busy lives and schedules, it is only natural that some people get placed on the back-burner and we fall out of touch a little bit. Now is the best time to reconnect with old friends and let them know that you are thinking of them at a time like this. Sometimes rekindled friendships are the strongest of them all.

5. Family Games Night

Family games nights are usually reserved for special occasions and particular celebrations as it is usually the only time that the family are all in the same place at the same time. However, right now, everyone is at home and many of us are at home with our family. So, it is the perfect opportunity to pull out some of the old board games or renew your miming skills in charades. And, if you’re isolating alone or apart from your family, video calls have never made it easier for you to join in from your home!

6. Fresh Air and Exercise

This may seem like stating the obvious, but it important for a anyone’s mental health to get fresh air and exercise. With the weather getting better this may be a little more tricky with police trying to stop parks and open green spaces from becoming too crowded. What I do is I wake up at 7am to go out and walk the dogs as at that time there are not a lot of other people about. Going out for a nice early morning walk – whether with the dogs, or alone – is the best way to start the day. Getting up early is also a great way to stay in a routine and not lie in and turn night into day. You could also go for a walk really late at night. Try to avoid going out at peak times, but do make sure your get your fresh air and exercise whatever the weather.

7. Do Something Nice

During this time there is an outcry for people to help others. This can be done safely and easily by us all and all it takes are small acts of kindness. Such as, picking up milk whilst doing the weekly shopping and leaving it on the doorstep of your elderly neighbour, getting the kids involved in painting rainbows on their windows for the NHS, and offering your help and services to others. This not only takes up time but is a fulfilling thing to do, and with many of us staying at home through this difficult time, one thing we feel we are missing, is doing something that is fulfilling. Helping and making others smile will always be a fulfilling act.

8. Gardening and Plants

As the weather improves many of us crave the outdoors, so another great way of beating boredom is doing a little bit of gardening or bringing the outdoors indoor and taking care of plants. Gardening is a great way to stay busy and spend time outside that sticks to all isolation rules mandated by the government. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. Greenery inside the home has never been so stylish, and it does require some time to water and care for plants inside. So ope all your windows, get some fresh air and take care of your plant babies! Many artistic people on social media are painting their plant pots to keep busy too! That is something you can even get the kids involved with!

9. Find a Good Series on Netflix

Again, living in a time of advanced technology has its advantages when you’re in isolation. Such as having a plethora of films and movies at our fingertips with muti-platform television, netflix, amazon prime and many more! Currently Netflix have incorporated a way to watch films and series with your friends into their app. This means you can watch a film or series and your friends can have a livestream commentary in a chat box displayed at the side. Of course, it is not the same thing as having movie nights and snacks with your friends but it’s a pretty good compromise!

10. Follow No5a on Social Media!

All of our staff are still working from home and are trying our best to bring our services online. We have been trying to produce some fun and interactive content across our website and social media platforms to try and keep all of our customers entertained at home. This includes having customers styling their No5a items at home so we can share inspiration with one another and continue to post great and ‘real’ content. Our #No5aArmy #No5aInYOURHome initiative has brought many interior lovers together online which has been great fun! So, don’t forget to send your images into us to be features on our page. Lets support small businesses and inspire each other!

Also, we have been offering free moodboards to our customers, not just for those planning to makeover their house, but also just for fun. If you would like one, just contact us and tell us what kind of theme including colour scheme you would like and we will see what we can do! We can also provide you with quotations on this too.

Not only all of this, but on our website we post weekly blogs with fun, advice, hints, tips, quizzes and more so check our news on our website every weekend! Have you taken our accent chair quiz from last week? If not, why not give it a go and share your results with us!

We hope that some of this list gives you some food for thought and if even one thing on it helps you find something to do then we’re happy. Next weeks blog our staff who are all working from home, will be giving you their top tips for staying motivated when working from home! So, keep posted!


No5a x

Take this quiz to find out what accent chair best captures your personality. You can choose more than one answer for each of the questions. Don’t forget to take note of your letters!

This is just a little bit of fun, let’s see what you score!


  1. How would you describe your style?

A) Modern

B) Colourful

C) Alternative

D) Traditional


2. How would you describe yourself?

A) Stylish

B) Cheerful

C) Eccentric

D) Organised


3. What would make a good Saturday night out?

A) Trendy bar

B) Mini-golf

C) Escape room

D) Dinner


4. What would make a good Saturday night in?

A) Face-masks and cocktails

B) Mindful colouring

C) Trivial Pursuit with friends

D) TV with the family


5. What do you tend to eat a lot of at home?

A) Take-away food

B) Healthy, lots of greens

C) Meat dishes

D) Home-made always


6. What’s your fashion motto?

A) Hurts to be beautiful

B) No such thing as ‘too bright’

C) Smart will never go our of fashion

D) Style can also be comfortable


7. What kind of student were you at school?

A) Spoke a lot in class

B) Everyone’s best pal

C) Mature for your age

D) Straight A student


8. What kind of a host are you?

A) Attention to details

B) Laid-back

C) Always make sure guests glasses are full

D) Attentive to guests


9. What kind of dinner parties do you (or would you) throw?

A) Themed parties

B)  See where the night takes us

C) Games/quizzes with drinks after dinner

D) Dinner and good conversation


10. What is your ‘neat-freak’ trait?

A) No one sits on the brand new furniture – not even me

B) Colourful sweets and biscuits carefully placed in bon-bon jars are not for eating

C) No finger-prints on glass

D) Always use coasters


11. What is your favourite home colour-scheme?

A) Pastel colours

B) Bright, vibrant colours

C) Pattern to break up block colours

D) Grey and white – it’s versatile!


12. Which of the following pets would you have?

A) A French Bulldog

B) Tropical Fish

C) A Border Collie

D) A Russian Blue Cat


13. What are your spending habits like?

A) If it is in style I’ll get it – cost is an after-thought

B) Good at finding great bargains

C) Will splurge on occasion

D) Good at saving, will buy timeless classics


14. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

A) Popular Instagram accounts and magazines

B) Whatever mood I am in or whatever mood the item gives me

C) Whatever is unique and suits me

D) Mrs Hinch


15. What is your favourite flower?

A) Peony

B) Daffodil

C) Bird of Paradise

D) Hydrangea


Now tally up your scores and see what chair best suits you! Is it accurate? Why don’t you share your score on social media with the hashtag #LoveNo5a


If you scored mostly A’s, then this stunning blush pink chair is the one for you. You clearly have a passion for interiors and an eye for style. You are the one many of your friends come to for style advice. This chair is modern and bang on trend. A fine piece to have in a modern home – and luckily it is cost efficient! This chair is really popular with many of our customers at the moment.

If you scored mostly B’s, then this is the chair for you. It matches your bright, bubbly and free-spirited personality. Bright colours cheer you up and this chair will do just that. It is velvet and comfortable, bright and friendly. It also comes with a gorgeous matching quilted cushion which matches the quilted sides of this chair. This detail is subtle yet effective. You love a splash of colour but when it comes to detail you know that less is more.

If you scored mostly C’s then this gorgeous accent chair is the one for you! You have a taste for refined items, you love travel, adventures and to be physically/mentally challenged. This chair is sophisticated, unique and it is classy. It is bold and it makes a statement. It will be the focal point of any room. Although it is a bold piece, it will remain a timeless classic as it combines both the modern and the traditional. Both stylish and elegant.

If you scored mostly D’s, then this timeless and elegant chair is the one for you! You are family orientated and love your home comforts. Your home is oozing with style, but you like to keep it minimalistic. You like timeless classics that will stand the test of time. This chair is no different. It takes a traditional form with its shape and button-back. It is modest as it is not too big, and it is versatile as it is grey. Grey goes with everything, and if you ever get bored, you know that all it will take to transform the look is a colourful or decorative cushion.

Whilst our store is shut, we want to continue to provide you with the best content on social media as we can. Most of the videos and pictures you see on our social media pages have been staged from our very own showroom. Since, our showroom is not currently open, we cannot stage our pictures.

So, we called out to all of our customers and they responded! We asked customers to send us pictures of No5a items in their homes to be featured on our page. We have been getting sent and tagged in lots of customer pictures which have been getting shared on our pages. If you want to see these pictures for some home inspiration visit us on Facebook or Instagram, or search the hastags: #No5aInYOURHome #No5aArmy

We would like to thank every customer that has sent us their pictures so far, and would like to invite any of our customers that have not, to please do so. Your homes are so beautiful and not only are you showing our items in a  home setting, and helping a small business with their content, but you are also inspiring other people. Many of our customers inspire us on how to style our products.

In conclusion, let’s help small businesses with their content, inspire one another and get through this difficult time together. And let’s have a little bit of fun whilst doing it and beat the boredom!


No5a x

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all of our stores and showrooms are currently closed. This is in compliance with quaratine mandated by the government and to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We would like to thank all of our customers for the support shown to us at this time. We look forward to re-opening when it is safe to do so. The following are updates for our customers on latest procedures amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

We have been contacting all of our customers who have ongoing orders with us to reassure and discuss next steps. If you have any questions or worries, please contact us as info@no5ainteriors.co.uk.

Currently, we are still taking online orders during this time, to try and provide you with all of the home comforts you may need during this time. Our staff members who will be supplying this service are putting every single measure in place to ensure our high standards of hygiene and safety are reached. Usually, we quote next day delivery or 7-10 days for delivery for particular goods. But during the current circumstances, delivery services are under a lot of strain at the moment, so delivery for goods could take longer that the next day or 7-10 day estimated lead time we usually quote (depending on which goods).

Since our stores are closed, we are trying our best to bring you as much of our services as possible online. Afterall, we have a passion for interiors, and need to fulfill our love for all things interiors somehow! So, not only are online orders still active, but we are bringing you some additional interior design services online. This service includes quotes, and mood boards. We are offering our customers a free, no obligation service of creating mood boards. Many of us are stuck at home, most likely reminiscing on all the work you wish to do. Perhaps you’re dreaming of your dream home? Well, for a little bit of boredom-busting fun, if not anything else, we can make you a free mood board to your specifications. All you have to do is message us to get yours. If you want you can also ask for a quote for how much it would cost for the items featured in our mood board, if you want a general idea of how much a specific project is likely to cost.

We also want to continue to provide our customers with the best possible content on our social media platforms whilst our stores are shut. So, we called out to our No5a customers to send us pictures of No5a items in the home, to help us out with posting great content. The response we have had so far has been wonderful! We thank you for all of your ongoing support and ask if anyone with No5a items at home, if you could send in your pictures to us to help us out with our posts. We will give you photo credits in our posts (unless you wish not to be named). We have already been posting some of your gorgeous pictures. Search the hashtags: #No5aArmy #No5aInYOURHome


No5a x


We are happy to announce that No5a has just launched our new baby range, No5a babies. Our showroom now has some of the most lovely and sentimental items for those little ones. Whether you are looking for finishing touches for the nursery or bedroom, or whether you are looking for that perfect birthday, baby shower or christening gift, we have something beautiful for everyone.


Capture your Memories

What better way to capture those milestones and special moments than one of our No5a Babies picture frames, ready for you to personalise.


Give something Sentimental

With our beautiful new money boxes, slogan plaques, you can give a baby something special that they can keep forever and look back at fondly.



Beautiful Rooms and Nursery’s

Our items are white and grey – the most versatile colours there are! You can capture that fun and youthful look in your home, yet also have it stylish and in keeping with all colour schemes. The most beautiful and delicate touches.




No5a x


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are getting our showrooms prepared. Valentine’s can feel like a funny holiday that comes right after the expenses of Christmas, New Year and the long month of January. Some couples get wrapped up in all the festivities of Valentine’s Day and some like to opt out or keep it totally low-key. So this Valentine’s Day whether you will be spending it with your other half, with your friends, or even in front of the TV, we have something to make your day that bit more special.

Read on to gain inspiration on presents for him and her and furthermore for great ideas on decorating your home to give it that ‘romantic’ vibe.


For Him

Many people can find men quite difficult to buy for, but here at No5a Interiors, we have the most beautiful luxury drinks sets. Perfect for those who are avid whiskey drinkers, or keen golfers. Our Piper Pewter range is high-end and decorated with thistles and stags, to give it that Scottish edge. Maybe once your evening is winding down you could enjoy a little drink together from one of these stunning sets.











For Her

Women (and men too) are more house proud than ever. Our showroom is full or gorgeous additions to the home that are touching and personal. From our lush swans and scented candles to our beautiful angel wings we have loads! Maybe you could buy your other half a bouquet of our faux flowers. – this way they can keep them forever. Our skilled sales advisors can help you to make a bouquet of flowers with the WOW-factor.


















For decorating home

For those couples wanting to spend the evening having a romantic dinner at home, we stock some of the most lush candle holders for you to create that romantic ambience. Not only this, but we have beautiful drinks sets, and breakfast trays for those lucky men and ladies waking up to breakfast in bed. So, if you are having an evening at home, and want to make it extra special, shop our tableware ranges in store and online today.



















Wishing you a lovely Valentines,

Love No5a x