We are happy to announce that No5a has just launched our new baby range, No5a babies. Our showroom now has some of the most lovely and sentimental items for those little ones. Whether you are looking for finishing touches for the nursery or bedroom, or whether you are looking for that perfect birthday, baby shower or christening gift, we have something beautiful for everyone.


Capture your Memories

What better way to capture those milestones and special moments than one of our No5a Babies picture frames, ready for you to personalise.


Give something Sentimental

With our beautiful new money boxes, slogan plaques, you can give a baby something special that they can keep forever and look back at fondly.



Beautiful Rooms and Nursery’s

Our items are white and grey – the most versatile colours there are! You can capture that fun and youthful look in your home, yet also have it stylish and in keeping with all colour schemes. The most beautiful and delicate touches.




No5a x


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are getting our showrooms prepared. Valentine’s can feel like a funny holiday that comes right after the expenses of Christmas, New Year and the long month of January. Some couples get wrapped up in all the festivities of Valentine’s Day and some like to opt out or keep it totally low-key. So this Valentine’s Day whether you will be spending it with your other half, with your friends, or even in front of the TV, we have something to make your day that bit more special.

Read on to gain inspiration on presents for him and her and furthermore for great ideas on decorating your home to give it that ‘romantic’ vibe.


For Him

Many people can find men quite difficult to buy for, but here at No5a Interiors, we have the most beautiful luxury drinks sets. Perfect for those who are avid whiskey drinkers, or keen golfers. Our Piper Pewter range is high-end and decorated with thistles and stags, to give it that Scottish edge. Maybe once your evening is winding down you could enjoy a little drink together from one of these stunning sets.











For Her

Women (and men too) are more house proud than ever. Our showroom is full or gorgeous additions to the home that are touching and personal. From our lush swans and scented candles to our beautiful angel wings we have loads! Maybe you could buy your other half a bouquet of our faux flowers. – this way they can keep them forever. Our skilled sales advisors can help you to make a bouquet of flowers with the WOW-factor.


















For decorating home

For those couples wanting to spend the evening having a romantic dinner at home, we stock some of the most lush candle holders for you to create that romantic ambience. Not only this, but we have beautiful drinks sets, and breakfast trays for those lucky men and ladies waking up to breakfast in bed. So, if you are having an evening at home, and want to make it extra special, shop our tableware ranges in store and online today.



















Wishing you a lovely Valentines,

Love No5a x

Just a little update to let you know what our hours are this holiday season.

No5a Interiors has lots of great little gift ideas, even if your just looking for extras. So, please come to our showroom for a little look round and inspiration. Also, check out our earlier post where we discuss all things stocking fillers and present ideas! Perfect for those last minute shoppers.


No5a x

Christmas is such an expensive time of year, so we are telling everyone about our amazing January sale’s special offers. Which means that you can get your home looking beautiful for a bargain.

We have up to 20% off on everything instore as well as hosting late night shopping nights with free refreshments every Thursday night in January. After-all shopping can be hard work!

But the deals don’t just stop there. For the first 25 customers at our January sale, we are offering a small free gift. You don’t want to miss out. It’s going to be our biggest and best January sale yet!

Please pop in and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgable members of staff who will be on-hand with refreshments and able to help with any queries you may have.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your friends at No5a Interiors.


No5a x

We want to take this opprtunity to thank all of our customers old and new for your support througout 2019. And what a great year it’s been! We hope that this year will be even better. So, to thank all of our loyal customers, and to welcome our new customers we are kick-starting 2020 with a January sale! There will be up to 20% off on ALL of our items in store.

Many of us enter the new year with big plans, goals and New Year’s resolutions. If this year you want to get your home looking exactly the way that you want it to, then please pop into one of our showrooms for lots of ideas and inspiration. Speak to one of our trained advisors about the potential of your home, and the services that we provide.

Furthermore, this January we are holding our very own Thursday late night shopping night so that you can make the most of the sales. At our late night shopping event, we will be offering all of our customers tea, coffe, juice and biscuits. This will be held every Thursday in January.

So, please, come along to our late night shopping event launch night held in our  showroom in Rutherglen on Thurday 9th of January 2020. You will find our showroom on No5a Alleysbank Road in Rutherglen (G73 1LX). Hope to see you there!

Wishing you a wonderful 2020, from all of us at No5a Interiors.


No5a x

Many people want a perfectly decorated home for Christmas, but on time limitations and a budget. Luckily, we have composed a list of 10, that’s right 10, quick and easy hacks to make your home wonderfully festive this Christmas. Not only this, but we will be giving you advice on how to achieve these hacks No5a style.

1. Flowers in the Christmas tree
A simple and perhaps obvious hack is to put oversized faux flowers in the tree. This will make the tree look fuller, and more decorative, adding in more colour or tones. Furthermore, once Christmas is over and you are done with the tree, you have some gorgeous faux flowers to put in a vase and decorate your home with all year round.

Get the No5a look: Our favourite flowers to achieve this look are our stunning foam pink and white faux roses. They have a subtly pearly sheen on the petals which have the ability to catch the light wherever it may be.

2. Fireplace hacks
There is nothing that looks more Christmassy than a large fireplace decorated with garlands and candles. However, more and more homes are opting out of having open log fires due to fire hazards. So, what else can we use to achieve that warm glow with minimal risk of fire? Well we have a few ideas. One simple idea is the addition of logs, with orange and gold baubles placed and tied to the logs to create a festive, warm glow around the fire. However, more popularly done is a wide and shallow dish/tray with several different size pillar candles sitting on it, surrounded by small pebbles. This creates a lovely warm glow and achieves actual fire with less risk of embers.

Get the No5a look: We have a stunning range of different scented candles in glasses that would make great additions to the selection of candles for display. We also have an expansive range of trays, bowls and candle dishes for you to achieve this look. We also have a range of gorgeous lanterns that can be used in a fireplace too. Just pop in and ask one of our advisors to help you.

3. Baubles/lights in bowls and jars
Another simple and quick hack is by getting a bowl or jar, preferably glass and putting baubles in it. This in itself is a subtle, yet festive decoration to add to the home. However, to get that extra bit of Christmas sparkle another thing you can do is add some LED battery powered lights/fairy lights.

Get the No5a look: We have a huge range of glass jars, bon bon jars, ginger jars and more. We even have some with a colourful sheen across them, capturing every colour of the rainbow when the light hits them. We also have a range of bowls and highly decorative fairy lights too.

4. Beads draped everywhere
This is another simple hack due to its versatile nature. They can be draped to look like they are pouring out of vases with flowers, or cascading out of ginger jars. The limits to this are endless. They can even be messily scared on table surfaces, looping in between bowls, candles and vases.

Get the No5a look: Our gorgeous ginger jars look wonderful with the rose gold Christmas beads falling out of them. This achieves a subtle, yet show-stopping, boutique-look for the home.

5. Wreath as table centre piece
Big family Christmases usually call for big dining tables, and a big dining table calls for a big, festive, show-stopping centre piece. One way that you can achieve this is by placing a wreath in the middle of the table and then putting a vase or a big candle in the middle. This is such an easy way to give your table settings the wow-factor without having to go over the top.

Get the No5a look: In-store we have small wreaths perfect for place settings and for more subtle and smaller centre pieces. Their natural colours give it versatility, yet it still carries a Christmas sparkle.

6. Icicles/droplets on branches
Frost and ice is beautiful as it makes everything shine and glisten like we are contained in part of a scene on a Christmas card. However beautiful it is, it bites; with the ability to turn noses red and make fingertips numb. This particular natural beauty of the winter season can be brought into the home – without the red noses and numb fingertips! This can be done by decorating trees, branches and plants with icicle and droplet ornaments.

Get the No5a look: In stock we have the most beautiful droplets which can be hung on trees, plants and branches easily. Their geometric shape really captures the ‘ice’ look, and gives the impression of water being frozen in motion. They create a stunning spectacle of colour when the light hits them and shines through them.

7. Fairy lights everywhere
The winter nights are long and dull, but lights have the ability to brighten these long nights up. The addition of fairy lights over fireplaces, in bowls, trees, garlands, walls, bedframes, drawers and units brighten up any space with the ability to also give it that festive vibe. If the fairy lights are not overtly Christmassy, then it would even be acceptable to keep them up after the 12 days of Christmas, to beat the dull January blues.

Get the No5a look: We have a selection of fairy lights and feature lights for around the home that can achieve this kind of look. Why don’t you pop into our showroom and ask one of our advisors to speak to you about our ranges and help you with some inspiration.

8. Baubles hung from the ceilings or lights
An increasingly popular little hack this year which we have seen in many wonderful homes, is hanging baubles from the ceiling, but most commonly, from ceiling lights with ribbon. This is a subtle look which can be tailored to be traditional or modern.

Get the No5a look: We have a selection of huge statement baubles that are battery powered to display a small string of lights inside. This is ideal for hanging baubles from the ceiling. We recommend that you attach rope or string of some sort first, in which to hang these baubles from.

9. Christmas Accessories
The smallest little additions can be all it takes to give your home that Christmas edge. This can be achieved through the addition of festive themed cushions, candle holders, ornaments and throws.

Get the No5a look: Visit our showroom to see all the beautiful little Christmas additions you can make to your home. We have small trees, elves, Christmas tree and snowflake candle holders, sparkly reindeer cushions, Christmas signs, quirky reindeer and fairy ornaments, furry throws and many more to give your home that subtle, yet powerful Christmas edge.

10. Scattered baubles
If you have a bauble or two spare after decorating the Christmas tree(s) then don’t let them go to waste! Baubles carefully placed or strategically scattered across worktop and surfaces, framing all the items sitting on top can be a lovely Christmassy addition. Perhaps it can be a bit of a faff until you get it just right but the rewards are brilliant.

Get the No5a look: Try this out with our items in our showroom to see how nice this looks for yourself! We have some stunning light up baubles that can make a statement in doing so. We also have loads of jars to put baubles in as well. To really achieve the messy look or random nature of this style, it might be a good idea to have jars with baubles inside them and make it look like some stray baubles have perhaps escaped or the jars have just overflowed with Christmas baubles.


No5a x

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Well whether you are looking for big gestures, or small extras and stocking fillers; our showroom is bursting at the seams with inspiration. Perhaps your other half is home obsessed? Or maybe even needs a little something to help them relax after a long year and a hard graft. Whatever the need, I am sure we will have something that catches your eye.

Finding the perfect stocking fillers can be a rather tricky task. How do you fill them up with something thoughtful, meaningful, but not break the budget? After-all, Christmas is a very expensive time of year! In-store we have lots of little things within budget that can make up the numbers! We have small, meaningful ornaments, pretty fairies, crystal droplets, small candles, cute notebooks, trinket boxes, trinket dishes, sparkles, frames, books and many many more.

And we cannot forget about our furry friends this Christmas either! Yes, they might not know or understand what Christmas is all about, and yes they might be rather confused by the fuss and sudden appearance of trees that they’re not allowed to climb in the living room. However, as valued members of the family, we can’t help but feel guilty if we don’t include them in the family’s Christmas frolics. These gorgeous little signs are only £4.99 and perfect for those who are mad about their mutts or feline friends. Perhaps they may make a great stocking filler for those pets lucky enough to have their very own stocking! Admittedly I am guilty of this, but they’re my fur babies after-all!

And the inspiration doesn’t just stop there. We have ideas for the kids too. Such as our gorgeous snow white poodle and our selection of fairies and all things pink and all things star themed.

Furthermore, we have an expansive range of candles. Who doesn’t love getting a scented candle for Christmas? A fantastic way to wind down and relax. If your family is anything like mine, then the minute the Christmas season comes around, it’s time to look out the festive smelling candles. Our most popular Christmas scents this year are; our Stoneglow Cinnamon and Orange, Stoneglow Nutmeg, Ginger and Spice, and lastly, our Shearer Candles Frankincense and Myrrh. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!


No5a x

Our helpers have been very busy decorating the showroom for Christmas, and making sure it looks wonderfully festive for all of our customers! From hanging ice droplets to flowers in Christmas trees – our showroom is oozing with festive inspiration for the home.

Some of us love putting up the Christmas decorations – so much so that the minute we see the first bit of frost they’ll be getting looked out and put up. This is not the case for everyone. Sometimes decorating the home for Christmas can be a complete faff. Trying to decide what colour scheme will go best, finding that balance of what is too much or what it too little, and deciding whether you want to go down the modern route or whether you would rather just keep it traditional.

Well, No5a Interiors offer a free consultation service. So, if you need any advice on how to decorate your home this festive season, one of our advisors will be on hand and happy to help. Even if there is nothing in our showroom that pops out at you, we will try our best to source something that suits.

Furthermore, if you have your tree and all your decorations, but you just cannot seem to get it to look the way you wanted, please arrange to bring it in to our showroom so we can help decorate it for you for a small fee. Terms and conditions apply. If this interests you, please call us up to enquire. 0141 643 1493.

What have we got on at No5a Interiors during the lead-up to Christmas? Not only do we offer this great service over the festive season, but we have got lots on for you this season including Winter giveaways.

Everyone loves a scented candle round the home. However, during the colder, winter months candles seem to really bring out that cosy feel to any room. We are giving away, from our premium Stoneglow range, our Modern Classics Pink Peony and Gardenia Candle for UK residents only. All you have to do to win is like our Facebook page, tag three friends, and like and share our post. Head over to the No5a Interiors Facebook page for more details on how you can win. The competition will end on the 22nd of November, so you will have your new candle in plenty of time for Christmas.

We will also be running an in-store competition for the local kids, for the chance for them to win a cuddly, white poodle. All they have to do to win is to write a letter or a list addressed to Santa which includes what they would call their poodle. Then they can pop into our showroom and post their letter to the No5a post-box. All entries will be put into a draw and winner will be chosen completely at random. Competition will be running until December. Don’t worry, even if your letter isn’t the winning one we will make sure that Santa gets to see them!

Wishing you a chic and cosy Christmas.


No5a x

Autumn is here and we love how the trees and greens all around us are changing to vivid coppers, reds and oranges – it’s such a beautiful season, perfect for those long winter walks.

As Autumn is here, we will all be spending more time indoors in the comfort of our own homes. It is the perfect opportunity to give your home decor a bit of a refresh.

Updating your home for the forthcoming autumn and winter months can feel really humbling. It is a lovely way to prepare us for the busy festive season.

The pictures display some of our top picks to consider this season.


No5a x

In the modern world, social media is becoming an important aspect of our social lives; being able to share stories and memories with all your friends and family. And now it is becoming important for businesses too. We now need to be available and present on an array of social media platforms. Our No5a Interiors were very much engrossed in the Facebook world, but we hadn’t really invested much into Instagram. After stumbling across many gorgeous interior pages we decided to finally adjust and re-vamp our account. Since entering into the world of Instagram interiors we have fallen in love with this social media platform.

Here are 4 reasons why we think it’s so great from an independant business’s perspective:

The inspiration
Sneaking peaks on other Instagram pages inspires our ranges, and our displays. Not to mention our own homes! It is so rewarding following other people’s interior journeys, and gaining ideas for home renovations that we can even suggest to our customers. Some of these pages look like a lot of money have been invested into a team of interior designers, but these homes have been renovated by the home owners themselves. Furthermore a lot of these home pages somehow make it look like their home is huge, but many of them are 2 or 3 bedroom new builds. This gives us all hope that no matter how big or small a home, you can make it show-stopping.

Getting creative
As Instagram is all image based, it is with utmost importance to get those perfect shots that will attract the attention of other pages and potential customers. This is certainly the most fun part about the interior Instagram world. It gives us the opportunity to get creative; make up and compose little displays. Using the inspiration of what’s popular on other pages. Then comes the cropping and editing which is an art in itself, trying to maximise the beauty of the image.

It’s a great way to showcase our items and reach out to customers. It is like having an online portfolio that we, and customers, can use as a point of reference. And at the same time, it’s like a very interactive folio with likes and customer comments. Some people do like to know what is received well or not by other customers and this form of ‘online folio’ certainly has that facility. Recently when we were at the shows looking to add to our range, we were able to do a two day active vote on the Instagram story where customers were able to tell us what they liked or not.

The support
Possibly the best thing about the Instagram world of interiors is the amount of support and kindness you receive from other pages. On this social media platform everyone is trying to evolve their accounts and grow their audiences. In many respects it can make Instagram a very competitive place. However, in the world of interiors all accounts seem to help and support each other. We have received visits, shout-outs, kind comments and many likes from other pages that all share the same passion for interiors. Joining the interior world of Instagram, in many respects, is like joining an elite club. Not to mention the great giveaway’s many profiles do! A lot of the feedback on our Instagram page seems to be positive and constructive, so we love Instagram as a media platform.

We would love it if you could give us a follow on our Instagram page @no5a_interiors. And we love to hear from our customers so please message us and let us know what you like or what we can alter/do better. Please get involved in our votes as well because this helps us as a small business. It is an easy and accessible form of market research so the more people we have taking part, the better.


No5a x